Discover the Haringvliet


Unique ecosystem in the delta
From sea eagles to seals

The Haringvliet estuary is the place where the Rhine and the Meuse meet the sea. A rich and unique ecosystem and an international crossroads for thousands of fish and birds. The delta is an indispensable link in the worldwide migration routes of birds, for food and for resting, wintering or breeding. You will see geese, spoonbills, avocets, black-tailed godwits, sandwich terns and with a bit of luck also birds of prey. You can enjoy all this beauty at various places on and along the Haringvliet:

  • Take a tour to Nature Island Tiengemeten
  • Visit the Bird Observatory 'Tij' in Stellendam
  • Rent a boat and discovery yourself

Nature Island Tiengemeten
On an expedition to this special island

Nature Island Tiengemeten is located in the middle of the Haringvliet. In the summer months you can sail there with Expedition Haringvliet from Hellevoetsluis. The rest of the year you depart from Zuid-Beijerland by ferry to the island. Traveling to Tiengemeten really feels like an expedition.Arriving on the island, the most beautiful walking routes await there, the Rien Poortvliet Museum, the coolest OERRR Play Nature and beautiful views.Photos: Natuurmonumenten.

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Vogelobservatorium Tij - M. Koelink IV klein.jpg

Bird Observatory Tij
Striking nature artwork

A special bird observatory is Tij in Stellendam of Natuurmonumenten. It is shaped like an egg of the sandwich tern. But then 8 meters high and 11 meters long! And you have a 360 degree view over a colony of sandwich terns, but also the vast Haringvliet and the Haringvliet locks. Via a path with vistas, ramps and traces of deer and beaver you reach the bird observatory Tij.

Visit Tij