In the event of cancellation, the RECRON conditions apply. The cancellation costs in the event of cancellation are:

    • more than 3 months before the commencement date 15% of the rent;
    • within 3 to 2 months before the commencement date 50% of the rent;
    • within 2 to 1 month before the commencement date 75% of the rent;
    • 90% of the rent within 1 month before the commencement date;
    • 100% of the rent on the day of the commencement date.

If you do not want to take this risk, it is better to book shortly in advance. However, there is of course a chance that we are already fully booked in the desired period.

Recron Conditions

You can read all about your rights and obligations in the RECRON conditions. These clear agreements have been reached in consultation with the Dutch Consumers' Associations. If you read them carefully, you will know exactly where you stand at Camping 't Weergors.


Cancellation and travel insurance can easily be purchased via