In all of our purchase and development decisions, we aim to take the environment and society into account as much as possible. Here are some examples of our green activities:

Landscape management

The fish pond that we created in 1980 is now a fully-fledged nature area where you can spot deer and spoonbills. All green areas are maintained and developed in accordance with a nature plan for businesses. An example of this is the orchard in the sheep meadow that used to be part of the farm and has been brought.

Social responsibility

We also feel strongly about contributing to our social environment. Each year, we make a donation to one or more charities. In addition, we are an approved work placement company for various vocational study programmes and we guide young people with community service. We frequently participate in sustainable regional initiatives and keep our guests informed of this. We donate annually to the development of dynamic delta nature in the Haringvliet, via the World Wildlife Fund. The Haringvliet is the delta where the Rhine and Maas traditionally flow into the sea. The Haringvlietdam put an end to this. But in 2018 the Haringvliet sluices reopened, there is now room again to develop delta nature.

Green camping

A bicycle for shopping is available for guests, free of charge. Upon arrival, guests receive a free copy of the Natuurlijk Voorne-Putten Foundation’s Green Card, packed with fun ideas for agro-tourist and sustainable activities.
Guests are expected to separate waste before disposing of it in the appropriate bins.

Electric car charging

You can charge your electric car at the campsite, simply with your charge card. Camping 't Weergors has two charging stations that are connected to the national network of charging points. Do you have an electric car and are you a guest at our restaurant or at Restaurant 't Karrewiel? Then we have the right charging facilities. You will find the charging station in the central parking lot. Is your electric car fully charged? Then move your electric car to a regular parking space to give other electric drivers access to the charging point.

Energy and use of chemicals

Since 2018 we have been generating 60,000 kWh using solar energy. With 198 solar panels on the roof of the work shed, we now provide 19% of our energy needs.

Our campsite runs on green electricity. Low-energy light bulbs and LED-lamps are used in all buildings and throughout the campsite grounds. All taps, toilets and showers in the sanitary buildings and rental accommodations are water saving. The water in sanitary building 3 is heated with solar boilers. Our Eco chalet is a rental unit that has been built using sustainable materials, and is perfectly insulated and equipped with collectors generating electricity and heat. The moss roof provides optimal insulation. Obviously, the paper used at the reception desk is fully recyclable.

Cleaning products without chlorine, ammonia phosphates, and with less than 5% ionic surfactants are used for cleaning the interior and bathroom.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to help make our campsite even more sustainable, please let us know!