Water and Beaches

Even as the islands of South Holland are now connected with the mainland and no longer are real islands, the surrounding water is always nearby. The water used to be, and perhaps still is, a threat to humans and animals. The sea now keeps a safe distance, as it is partly constrained by the Delta Works. For visitors, the Delta Works created unprecedented opportunities for water sports and recreation along the shore.


The Brielse Lake and the Bernisse area are particularly suitable for small water sports. For the guests of ‘t Weergors the Haringvliet is just a stone‘s throw away. Hellevoetsluis has several yacht-basins. Sailing on the Haringvliet is a wonderful experience. You can also cross the Haringvliet by taking a ferry to Tiengemeten and Middelharnis. You can take your bike as well.


You really must visit the dunes and beaches of Hellevoetsluis and Rockanje. A bit further away, Ouddorp en Brouwersdam are ideal locations for active sports like kite surfing.


Angling brings you a very different perception of the water. Sea fishing or just along one of the many, sometimes very wide, ditches in the polder. The Canal in Voorne is internationally known as a good fishing spot. You can buy your angling permit at the campsite reception.


The Oostvoornse Lake, north of Voorne, is a beautiful site for diving.