Cycling and Hiking


Your bike brings you everywhere. The Voorne tour, a cyclingroute of 80 km, takes you to all charming towns on Voorne en Putten. Also, the cycling network is a useful tool to explore the area.

We suggest you to use the map of Natuurlijk Voorne to make a tour along special and traditional farms. Another attraction is the bike path to Zuidland outside the dike.

We are prepared for the E-bike. There are charging points at the reception and at our restaurant ‘t Karrewiel.


There are many paths that take you past interesting places like manors and estates. You must not miss the dunes of Voorne. The 70 km long Voornepad traverses the whole island. You can walk the path in parts. Campsite ‘t Weergors is a good location to start your short or longer walk.

While cycling, don't miss the village Oostvoorne. Here, you can visit some beautiful estates. You can also take a stroll in the dunes. Regular excursions into the dunes with guidance are organized from the visitor information centre ’Het Zuid-Hollands Landschap‘. You find the centre at the Tenella pool.

Approximately 7 km away is Brielle, known for the date of April 1st 1572. On that day, Dutch rebels conquered the Spanish king for the first time during the Eighty Years‘ War. You really must visit the Dom. There are many steps to take to the top of it. We won‘t tell you how many, you have to count them yourself. The villages Zwartewaal, Heenvliet and Geervliet have their own character and especially in the latter two communities, history is still present today. Enjoy the beautiful scenery or visit the farms where traditional products are made and sold.

Plan your tour

120 Walking and cycling routes connect the island of Voorne-Putten. On the Op Voorne-Putten website you can find all the trails in the area, to prepare your trips. On the spot, we can of course point out the many pearls of Voorne-Putten. Have fun cycling and walking Voorne-Putten!